Random and Rare…

Babysitting Babies and Book Reading.-14

Heyy, it Louu!!

Well, today has been a weird day! (I know I said this before in a previous blog, but, today was random, and very very rare!!)  I will start a little earlier in the day and then get to the part I’m talking about…

So, it was a pretty normal day, I woke up and checked to see if we had any post… and saw a ‘Sorry we missed you’ card, and thought aww great! I’ve missed my parcel again! but then I read on the card that the postman had put it in the shed on the back garden… (although what I didn’t understand why they had just left it considering that it needed to be signed for) 

Anyway, I went to get the parcel  and stubbed my toe, and that wasn’t fun! I got inside and my mum suggested we go to the café just down the road, I agreed and went to get ready. Came back downstairs and we left. I had a jacket potato and so did my mum.. and it was LOVELY! (if thats even the right word to use 

We got home, chilled for a bit, and then decided to go back round to the shop, as we were making our way round there and we saw some people stopping to help a cat who had been hit by a car, they were all trying to help it, but they didn’t really know what to do. So I went over to help… (I think I may have helped more than those people were anyway) I was so humbled about how there’s still people out there who  are willing to give up some time out of their day to help an animal… Honestly, with how people act today, thats rare to find people like that, so it was nice to see.


Be Happy, You Do You,



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