Tricky Treasure Hunt..?

Babysitting Babies and Book Reading.-15.png

Heyy its Louu!!

(Just a disclaimer, this is going to be three blogs in one because today hasn’t really long enough to put into one blog)

-Thurs 6th July ’17-

Today I took part in a tricky Treasure Hunt around the town centre. I have to say it was really entertaining, but tricky at the same time. I don’t understand how you can make a treasure hunt without ACTUAL treasure… fun.

I mean, we only got a box of chocolates, but, who doesn’t love chocolate?! and, more to the matter… I WON! so, not only did I have a day out and about, I also got a box of chocolates aswell… win, win I say!

After, me and the group I was with went to Cosmo for some food, because we were all hungry. It was okay, you know, edible. But it’s not as nice as some of the places i’ve been to.

-Fri 7th July ’17-

Blog Picture Fruit

Well.. today just seems to be a normal day. As usual, got up, got dressed, cleaned up and got on with my day.. I ended up babysitting my nephew, which was nice to be able to see him. He’s only young, but he can make me laugh when no one else can.

He just seems to think of the weirdest things to say and do, and can be so random that its hard not to laugh or smile when I’m around him, haha.

Blog Picture Laptop

-Sat 8th July ’17-

Today was the day that we decided to clean the whole house, (and yes, I mean the whole house) from top to bottom. We then decided to go shopping.. And, well…

So. Much. Shopping! Haha! Ok, well… not that much.. but it was food shopping, which is annoying at the best of times, because theres always something you forget and then have to go back for, and when you decide to get a taxi back and have already ordered it when you realise you’ve forgotten something you really need, it’s like a race against time to go and grab it, pay for it, and get back to the trolley before the taxi arrives. (and its so much easier when theres two of you there! Haha!)

I’m now just sat at home, sat on the sofa with a drink with some ice in while writing this blog post…. such is the life….


Be Happy, You Do You..



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