Mum’s, Minecraft and Mini Me’s..

Babysitting Babies and Book Reading.-17

Heyy, it’s Louu!!

Well, theres not much to tell about today. I pretty much had a day of relaxing and playing on MineCraft… (PS3 edition.. just… cause.. haha!) 

My sister and nephew came over around midday, (I always love seeing him, he seems to brighten my day even when my day has been crap) his laugh is just… smile-worthy. And the things he does, he’s not even one yet and he’s already so clever. I’m only his auntie and I’m already so proud of him so god know how my sister feels.

The other bonus to my sister coming over is the fact that she brought a KFC! It’s one of the best foods ever! (well apart from the SubWay salads, of course! Haha!)

Sorry this was so short but I just didn’t have a very productive day today.


Be Happy, You Do You..


(As always, it would be great if you could follow me on any of these social media’s.. I’m going to be starting to upload videos on my youtube channel when I have everything sorted. Thank you so so much if you do)





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