Meetings and illnesses…

Babysitting Babies and Book Reading.-18

Heyy, it’s Louu!!

-Monday 10th July 2017-

Well, today I just had to go to a meeting and that was it really.. well apart from a little time on MineCraft… (as usual) Theres not much to say about it really. But, as I have put in my banner on here, I write (or try to) write a blog post every day.

-14th July 2017-

I know I haven’t written for a couple of days, that’s mainly because I’ve been ill.. and I’ve not really had the motivation to write anything, plus the blog posts would have been pretty boring if I had because I wasn’t doing anything in those days.

Today I’m still ill… but feel somewhat better to what I’ve felt, and to how I felt this morning. I felt shocking this morning! I just felt like I had no energy what-so-ever.

So, theres a little update.. not much but, I’m trying to stick to blogging everyday like I’ve said.


Be Happy, You Do You..





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