Chill day with the cat’s and I’m so sorry..

Babysitting Babies and Book Reading.-20

Heyy, it’s Louu!!

-19th July- 

Today has just been a simple day really.. well, I say a  simple day, I did get woken up about 3 times by various people before I actually decided to get up and start my day. First was my brother waking me up. Then my sister rang my mums phone, and because my mums phone is so loud, you can hear it from other bedrooms when the house is silent. I just thought. ‘Greeeeeat’ … I decided to go to bed early the night before because I wanted to try and get a good amount of sleep for once, but that didn’t happen. Obviously… the rest of today was just really chillin’ at home with my cats, haha. Fun, I know! HaHa!

-25th July- 

I just want to start this part of the blog off by saying I’m so so sorry I haven’t written in such a long time. I mean, it’s not like I didn’t want to write here, I did.. I just don’t know why I didn’t write anything for such a long time. I had the first part of the blog written since the 19th, I don’t know why I didn’t write anymore I really don’t…

Anyways, onto today! Things are getting rarther exciting in terms of the ‘meetings’ well.. ‘meetings’, ‘meet-ups’ whatever you want to call them.. we’re starting to plan an event.. its gonna be a big event, and it’s rather exciting, so yeah, I guess if you like reading a blog about someone planning an event, then stick around, I mean there’ll obviously be more to the blogs than them being all about planning the event.. but hey-ho. just a heads up I guess!


Be Happy, You Do You..


(as always, if you could follow on my social medias that would be amazing!)






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