Positive Outlook!

Babysitting Babies and Book Reading.-21

Hey it’s Louu!

Well, I’m still planning, what I think is going to be a good blog. But I wanted to write this blog today just to make sure you all know about this… Some of you might know about this already but I just want to make sure you all remember…  Always, Always, ALWAYS, have a positive outlook on things. I know sometimes its hard to when you have a Mental Illness or, that’s just the mindset you’ve grown up with.

A lot of the time, you need to just have a positive. That doesn’t mean that you have to have a constant cheesy grin on your face or always speak with a smile but just a positive outlook in general.. you know. Theres always light at the end of the tunnel, The grass is always greener on the other side, Glass is half full.. That sort of thing, you know. (I know they’re cliché, but, that’s the sort of things people always tell you when they’re trying to get you to think positive. I find them a bit cheesy. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, and thats just something you have to find out for yourself. HaHa!)

(I really want to just motivate people in this blog. I don’t know how motivational this is going to be, but, I’ll still give it a go.)

I mean, how many times in, say, a month. Do you find yourself saying you can’t do something without giving it a go? Or maybe, seeing a job vacancy, and thinking to yourself  ‘ I can’t do that job because I don’t have the right qualifications’ or ‘I don’t have enough experience to do that job’ a lot of the time, its not about you THINKING you can’t do something.. a lot of the time, you might not know if you can do it because you’ve never tried it. It’s all about giving yourself that chance to do something. Having a bit of self belief.. you know, giving yourself that chance to succeed in something you want to do.

Sometimes that thing might take a while to achieve, but, knowing you’ve put in ALL that work and effort into it, will make it all the more amazing.


Be Happy, You Do You..









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