Ice Cream & Updates..

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Heyy, it’s Louu!

Well, I guess I can give you a few updates about whats been going on with me over the past couple of weeks (the things I haven’t put in these blogs.. or.. the ones I’ve ACTUALLY written. HaHa!) 

Anyway, on with the blog. I’ll start with today, it wasn’t really very entertaining if I’m honest. Didn’t really do much apart from going food shopping with my mum, and went to the cafe to have some food.. that was about it! I mean, I did get some ice-cream and ice cubes for myself. but that was it really.

Blog Picture Drink&Fruit

Now, onto what’s been happening.. WE HAVE A VENUE! (For the event I’m planning, with a few others.. -remember me mentioning that?-  Don’t worry… I’m not getting married or anything like that! HaHa!) But, yeah, we have a venue, provisionally booked. We’re going to view it next week and I couldn’t be more excited about it.. I’ve been involved in planning this event only once before but I LOVED it.. and can’t wait to get everything in place this year and see all the ideas come to life, and be able to say that we’ve planned it OURSELVES.. it’s all our OWN ideas. We’ll have planned for everything and budgeted for everything we need, so, yeah!

OH! and about my new love.. (you know, the one I mentioned in a previous blog) everything is going really really well! He still never fails to make me smile! I MAY introduce him in a blog one day, I’m not too sure at this moment in time but, who knows!


Be Happy, You Do You,






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