Meetings and illnesses…

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Heyy, it’s Louu!!

-Monday 10th July 2017-

Well, today I just had to go to a meeting and that was it really.. well apart from a little time on MineCraft… (as usual) Theres not much to say about it really. But, as I have put in my banner on here, I write (or try to) write a blog post every day.

-14th July 2017-

I know I haven’t written for a couple of days, that’s mainly because I’ve been ill.. and I’ve not really had the motivation to write anything, plus the blog posts would have been pretty boring if I had because I wasn’t doing anything in those days.

Today I’m still ill… but feel somewhat better to what I’ve felt, and to how I felt this morning. I felt shocking this morning! I just felt like I had no energy what-so-ever.

So, theres a little update.. not much but, I’m trying to stick to blogging everyday like I’ve said.


Be Happy, You Do You..





Mum’s, Minecraft and Mini Me’s..

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Heyy, it’s Louu!!

Well, theres not much to tell about today. I pretty much had a day of relaxing and playing on MineCraft… (PS3 edition.. just… cause.. haha!) 

My sister and nephew came over around midday, (I always love seeing him, he seems to brighten my day even when my day has been crap) his laugh is just… smile-worthy. And the things he does, he’s not even one yet and he’s already so clever. I’m only his auntie and I’m already so proud of him so god know how my sister feels.

The other bonus to my sister coming over is the fact that she brought a KFC! It’s one of the best foods ever! (well apart from the SubWay salads, of course! Haha!)

Sorry this was so short but I just didn’t have a very productive day today.


Be Happy, You Do You..


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Family stresses and big messes..?

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Heyy, it’s Louu!!

(another disclaimer, this was written on the 10th July at 00:30 but it is the blog for the 9th July… so it will look like there is two blogs today when there is only 1)

Today’s been a hectic one. I mean, it started off okay, (as my days usually do) and then it just got weird… I mean, I had people I never really talk to telling me their life stories and the problems that they have in their lives, but I don’t know what to be saying to them as I don’t usually talk to them… they’re literally like strangers to me.

Although, saying that, there are some people who I DO know. and that I DO talk to on a regular basis that were talking to me about their troubles, and I could sympathise with them because I knew what they were on about and I knew, not exactly, but roughly what to say to them to make them at least feel a little bit better about it all. I am, in no way a therapist, but I try my best to help people out when they need a friend to talk to.

I mean, as for the ‘big messes’ part of the title, I guess its just a metaphor for the mess that is my brain at the moment. I just can’t make sense of it all. I literally just have so many things to be thinking about that I just don’t know where to start!

Also, and I know this is going off on quite a big tangent, but when you’re sitting on the sofa, or couch or whatever you want to call it. You’re watching tv and you start to feel tired, so you go to bed but when you get up there, you don’t feel so tired anymore. I mean, at what point in that journey from the sofa to your bed does your brain just decide ‘nope… not tired anymore..’ it just doesn’t make sense to me…. And when your brain decides to start thinking about everything in the universe when you’re trying to go to sleep… why does it think that its a good idea to do that? I mean you need the rest. So why doesn’t your brain give you the rest you need?

I’m going to leave it here now.. otherwise ill just ramble on and on…


Be Happy, You Do You..







Tricky Treasure Hunt..?

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Heyy its Louu!!

(Just a disclaimer, this is going to be three blogs in one because today hasn’t really long enough to put into one blog)

-Thurs 6th July ’17-

Today I took part in a tricky Treasure Hunt around the town centre. I have to say it was really entertaining, but tricky at the same time. I don’t understand how you can make a treasure hunt without ACTUAL treasure… fun.

I mean, we only got a box of chocolates, but, who doesn’t love chocolate?! and, more to the matter… I WON! so, not only did I have a day out and about, I also got a box of chocolates aswell… win, win I say!

After, me and the group I was with went to Cosmo for some food, because we were all hungry. It was okay, you know, edible. But it’s not as nice as some of the places i’ve been to.

-Fri 7th July ’17-

Blog Picture Fruit

Well.. today just seems to be a normal day. As usual, got up, got dressed, cleaned up and got on with my day.. I ended up babysitting my nephew, which was nice to be able to see him. He’s only young, but he can make me laugh when no one else can.

He just seems to think of the weirdest things to say and do, and can be so random that its hard not to laugh or smile when I’m around him, haha.

Blog Picture Laptop

-Sat 8th July ’17-

Today was the day that we decided to clean the whole house, (and yes, I mean the whole house) from top to bottom. We then decided to go shopping.. And, well…

So. Much. Shopping! Haha! Ok, well… not that much.. but it was food shopping, which is annoying at the best of times, because theres always something you forget and then have to go back for, and when you decide to get a taxi back and have already ordered it when you realise you’ve forgotten something you really need, it’s like a race against time to go and grab it, pay for it, and get back to the trolley before the taxi arrives. (and its so much easier when theres two of you there! Haha!)

I’m now just sat at home, sat on the sofa with a drink with some ice in while writing this blog post…. such is the life….


Be Happy, You Do You..


Random and Rare…

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Heyy, it Louu!!

Well, today has been a weird day! (I know I said this before in a previous blog, but, today was random, and very very rare!!)  I will start a little earlier in the day and then get to the part I’m talking about…

So, it was a pretty normal day, I woke up and checked to see if we had any post… and saw a ‘Sorry we missed you’ card, and thought aww great! I’ve missed my parcel again! but then I read on the card that the postman had put it in the shed on the back garden… (although what I didn’t understand why they had just left it considering that it needed to be signed for) 

Anyway, I went to get the parcel  and stubbed my toe, and that wasn’t fun! I got inside and my mum suggested we go to the café just down the road, I agreed and went to get ready. Came back downstairs and we left. I had a jacket potato and so did my mum.. and it was LOVELY! (if thats even the right word to use 

We got home, chilled for a bit, and then decided to go back round to the shop, as we were making our way round there and we saw some people stopping to help a cat who had been hit by a car, they were all trying to help it, but they didn’t really know what to do. So I went over to help… (I think I may have helped more than those people were anyway) I was so humbled about how there’s still people out there who  are willing to give up some time out of their day to help an animal… Honestly, with how people act today, thats rare to find people like that, so it was nice to see.


Be Happy, You Do You,


Sleepy Sundays…

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Heyy… it’s Louu!!

Well, today in the UK is a Sunday! That usually means a Sunday roast and time with your family, but that wasn’t the case for me.. Most of my family were busy today, and being honest, it wasn’t like they were just saying they were busy, they WERE actually busy, so I guess thats fair enough.

In other news… I painted my nails again! (I’m not sure if I already said that in another blog post or not, but, here you go! haha! I’ve told you again)

Blog Picture BN
Bluey Green I think? HaHa! 

Anyway, back to the blog post…

Today has been a pretty relaxing day for me. Just sat at home, on the sofa, eating ice cream and watching tv.. because… that’s kind of what Sundays are for! and plus, it’s been quite warm today here in the UK so I guess that a bonus too.. it’s been like 20 degrees, or, something like that! it was around that temperature anyway!

Also recently I’ve been loving Girl Online: On Tour book, by Zoe Sugg. I mean, I’ve read them all, but I’ve recently decided to read the first one again, and I’ve been loving it all over again! It seems like, no matter how many times you read those three books, they always somehow suck you into it, and you can totally picture everything in your head. Plus the relationship between Noah and Penny is so SO cute!

Blog Picture ZS

Also, as shown in the picture. The Dawn French ‘Dear Fatty’, and Summer at the Cornish Cafe are great books which also drag you in and fully immerses you into the story.


Be Happy, You Do You..






Warm Days and Take-Aways..?

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Heyy, it’s Louu!!

So, today’s been warmer than it has been, so I guess thats a welcome bonus. It was the comfortable kind of heat that allows you to go out in a part of leggings and top and jacket and not have to worry about being cold. Haha!

I love the warm days, but as I wrote on here back when the UK was having a heatwave. People here moan about the heat. but they also moan when it’s cold, as well as when its hot. We just can’t seem to win here! Haha! It’s been a good day for me anyway, I’ve just been able to chill and get a few jobs done, but, in my own time rather than someone telling me I have to do something in a certain amount of time.

Also, this evening I decided to treat myself to a Chinese, because, I haven’t had one in a while, and well, I was hungry! Haha! It was lovely.

Also, I’m sorry this blog is so short, but I didn’t do much today, so.. it’ll probably be longer tomorrow…


Be Happy, You Do You




Also, I’m thinking of starting a youtube channel. I haven’t really put any videos up yet, but I’m planning on starting soon. if you could subscribe. that would be great. thank you 


(I know this post was late but the internet was being slow again. I’m sorry. 00:31 02/07/17. meant for 01/07/17)

Having fun and Hospital Stays?

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Heyy, it’s Louu!!

Today has been as weird day, I mean, it started off alright, you know the usual. Waking up, getting dressed and doing my make up. But things took a turn for the worse, and, well.. it ended up in a hospital stay! But don’t worry, it wasn’t for me, I’m completely fine, it was for a family member. They’re only young and they have epilepsy… so, I think that the doctors are just trying to work out whats the best course of action now, as it needs to be taken control of, so, I just hope that that’s what they do, and that they actually stick to their word and they don’t say they’re going to do something and for it to not actually work.

Anyway, as I was saying before, the day started pretty normally and I actually had fun. I got to go to my sisters to spend time with her, we were hanging out, and having a laugh and then thats when things took a turn for the worse and we ended up having to take a trip to the hospital.

I know this blog post is so short, but I promise that I will write tomorrow!


Be Happy, You Do You…


Being Busy & Body Image…

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Heyy.. it’s Louu!!

So! Ive not written in 5 Days! and Im so so sorry about that, but I’ve just been busy with lots of things and didn’t have time to write on here because as soon as I sat down in the evening I just fell asleep… :/ Anyway, how have you all been? I’ve been busy with meetings and other things.. so, yeah.

As the title suggests, I’m going to be talking about why I haven’t been on for a while and about Body Image. I guess I’ve already explained why I haven’t been on. I’ve just been extremely busy, I know that may not seem like an adequate excuse to explain my absence but, it’s the truth.

So, Body Image…What does that mean to you? 

When I say ‘Positive Body Image’ what does that make you think of? Also, when I say ‘Negative Body Image’ what does it make you think of? because a lot of the time, people only have a negative body image of themselves, and that, if you think about it is quite saddening. Everyone deserves to love themselves, no matter how they look.

Quite often the things that are to blame are; Magazines, TV, Online news articles, and Newspapers. They create these false representations of celebrities, that lots of girls aspire to be like, (I say girls as it is mostly girls who aspire to be like their idol) but they can’t, because the magazine or newspaper has airbrushed the images of the celebrity so much, so that they look perfect, and no girl can achieve that look! Not unless they take drastic measures to do it, which in turn makes young girls, or guys develop eating disorders, or other disorders which are equally as bad.

I think that its bad in this day and age, that people still think bad of themselves because they deem themselves ‘Not skinny enough’ or they think that their boobs ‘aren’t big enough’ or that they have cellulite, and lots of the time people don’t realise that everyone feels the same way at some point in their lives.

Also, what people don’t seem to realise is that, everyone is beautiful, no matter their size, shape, or race. What matters is whats inside (I realise that sounds like a really cheesy quote that I’ve pulled from somewhere off the internet, but I assure you its not!)

In other news, I painted my nails the other day!!


Blog Picture Nails
Nail Polish from Kiko Milano. Shade 82. 

The colour in real life is more of a pink tone, but this picture doesn’t really show the colour properly.


Be Happy, You Do You.





Oi Oi Saveloy..!

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Heyy.. its Louu!!

First off! I’m just going to say that the title of this blog doesn’t have anything at all to do with the actual post! Well, not really! Haha!  (Well isn’t that a good start?) Anyway! What is it with people from different countries or even different parts of the UK using the stereo-typical saying of the region they’re in? I mean, I know they’re trying to be funny, and most of the time, people from that particular place might actually say that phrase or those words, but its just annoying when someone just stereo types a group of people from a certain part of the country or a certain part of the world. (I hope you understand what I’m trying to get at with this rant, if you don’t then I’m so sorry but this is the only way I can think of to put it into words) 

Right, back to the blog…

I’ve been babysitting again today, well, not all day, just a couple of hours. which was alright I suppose. Although, I can’t complain because Im getting to see my nephews a lot more than some people ever get to see theirs. So I guess in that respect I’m lucky, and in no way am I complaining about that.

In other news, I thought I would tell you about my cats. Pip and Ollie.


Blog Post Ollie
This is Ollie. I couldn’t find a picture of them both together, sorry! 

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Be Happy, You Do You